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Emilie and Nimai’s  Kelowna Wedding was one of my favourite weddings of 2018! As I woke up by the sweet melodies of birds, the day of Emilie and Nimai’s Kelowna wedding had finally come. I knew I had to capture the moment and make it second to none. Just looking at their eyes you could tell how they had awaited this special day!

As I arrived at their home, the bride and groom had dressed very elegantly and they both looked amazing. I couldn’t waste any more time, and I took my camera to capture such a special moments in their lives.

As the couple exchanged their vows I couldn’t help but see how happy they were. The way they smiled at each other and holding hands gave me more pleasure and motivation to continue shooting. Then the moment came where they had to exchange a passionate kiss, I was so keen to ensure I captured that moment.

When the ceremony was over we left for formal pictures. The bright flames of the sun made the bride look even more beautiful and elegant than ever. Her dress looked so serene and complemented the ambience the best way you can imagine. The bride couldn’t hide the joy she had as they drank a glass of champagne. As the day was nearing to an end, we captured the bride, the groom and the bridal party matching so happily in the same line. As they hold each other’s hands and kissed, I could see the happy moment and the bright future awaiting them ahead.

Thanks Emilie and Nimai for making me a part of your special day! <3

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