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About Me

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what people look like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”

– Paul Caponigro

Hi! I am Rumi and I am the face behind the camera at Crafter's Imagework! I'm a wedding photographer based in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta. In this my “About Me” section, I could talk about my passion for photography and how I’ve loved it for years. But I think my pictures speaks about my passion for photography by itself. I have been photographing weddings for last 6 years and I still get very very excited before every wedding! Every wedding is different and capturing them uniquely is a challenge that I LOVE. That's what keeps me interested about photography.

In my personal life, I am an avid traveller, coffee lover and a movie addict. I love everything about Thor. From the character itself to the actor! I don't mind admitting that I have a man crush on Chris Hemsworth. And yes, my wife knows that too! Ever since the first Thor movie came out on 2011, I have been obsessed! I plan to visit Australia someday and meet Chris Hemsworth in person. Amen to that!!

I am a huge bird lover. At some point in my life, I had over 200 birds. And no, I am not a crazy bird guy though. I dream to have my own aviary someday with birds from around the world. Someday..

About my Photography Style...

I think 4 words will describe my photography style in a nutshell. Romantic, natural, modern and happy. My pictures are always bright and airy. And I try to make them look timeless.

On your special day, I like to highlight the special moments of your day with a natural and artistic eye. My approach is candid and professional! For the past 6 years, I've been working in many different aspects of the photography industry; but it all started a long time ago, with a friendly relationship between me and my Canon SLR. That relationship became a true passion for photography and eventually my work!

I am a city guy that loves photographing people in nature as you can tell from my pictures. I love the diverse landscape of Alberta. From the urban areas to the parks to the mountains. I love photographing in Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis, Lake Louise, Jasper, Kelowna and I look forward to travelling more for throughout Canada and the rest of the world for weddings!

If you're cool with all those, I'd love to be a part of your special day! Shoot me an email at info@crafters-imagework.com or use the contact form to get in touch!

Hope to hear from you soon!

- Rumi

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