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Emilie and Nimai’s  Kelowna Wedding was one of my favourite weddings of 2018! As I woke up by the sweet melodies of birds, the day of Emilie and Nimai’s Kelowna wedding had finally come. I knew I had to capture the moment and make it second to none. Just looking at their eyes you could tell how they had awaited this special day!

As I arrived at their home, the bride and groom had dressed very elegantly and they both looked amazing. I couldn’t waste any more time, and I took my camera to capture such a special moments in their lives.

As the couple exchanged their vows I couldn’t help but see how happy they were. The way they smiled at each other and holding hands gave me more pleasure and motivation to continue shooting. Then the moment came where they had to exchange a passionate kiss, I was so keen to ensure I captured that moment.

When the ceremony was over we left for formal pictures. The bright flames of the sun made the bride look even more beautiful and elegant than ever. Her dress looked so serene and complemented the ambience the best way you can imagine. The bride couldn’t hide the joy she had as they drank a glass of champagne. As the day was nearing to an end, we captured the bride, the groom and the bridal party matching so happily in the same line. As they hold each other’s hands and kissed, I could see the happy moment and the bright future awaiting them ahead.

Thanks Emilie and Nimai for making me a part of your special day! <3

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Loved loved loved photographing this Kelowna, British Columbia wedding. Alicia and Adam are so incredibly down to earth, you would want to be friends with them forever after one conversation. The whole wedding location was filled with friends, family, flowers, and of course, food! I loved how we were surrounded by so many details right from the start! I had a great time capturing a wedding that was so centered on celebrating with their nearest and dearest. Thanks for making me a part of your special day 🙂

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Here are some pics from Jay and Dylon’s engagement session. Aren’t these two just adorable? This session was just filled with laughter, love and snuggling. I couldn’t be more happier about how the pictures turned out! I’m beyond excited to capture their 2018 wedding!
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Here are a few from Sasha and Levi’s fabulous wedding. Remember the engagement session of them I posted few months back? I loved those pics and their wedding is no exception. The day was filled with joy, laughter and happiness. And a gorgeous wedding party! Ya it was -25C on that day but they braved the cold and we managed to get some fabulous pictures at the end. Looking at the smile on the face of Sasha and Levi, I know a lifetime of happiness is waiting for you two. And I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of your love story. Thanks again for making me a part of your special day.

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Brace yourself! Well, let me brace myself first haha! Now, here’s a few from Larissa and Matt’s fantabulous wedding. I have photographed well over 150 weddings so far and this one is hands down one of my all time favorite. The wedding day started at 9am and that was the beginning of an amazing day. I met Matt in the morning and they were getting ready at his friend’s house. A house straight out of my dream land full of cool collector’s items, Leicas, slot machines and Mickey mouse room! Then I headed to Larissa’s getting ready location and I was blown away by her talent! You see those gorgeous bouquets? Larissa made those herself! Next was the bridal formal pictures. O MAN! This bridal party members were fun, energetic and hilarious. I seriously had cramps in my belly from laughing so hard! I do not know how the time flew that day. But I have enjoyed each and every moment.

By the way, do you see the look on Larissa and Matt’s eyes? That’s love! True and passionate love. You can almost read their eyes right? I was shooting that day and had goosebumps a few time. Emotions like that inspires me to continue photography. Something I am so fortunate to do. Larissa and Matt, your two make one good looking, humble, kind and perfect couple! I was there just to do my job, but the day truly means much more than that to me. Thanks for letting me witness and capture true love! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness then some more <3<3<3<3<3


I ABSOLUTELY love to photograph weddings at Canmore/Banff and this wedding was no exception. Canmore mountain weddings are gorgeous and when Renee and Alex viewed images of Canmore, they knew this was the place they wanted to be married. Travelling with family they arrived in Canmore from far Ottawa on a perfect day for their wedding ceremony. There was a wildfire at the mountains at that time which put a little touch of mystery to everything. Their wedding ceremony was at the Canmore Bear and Bison Inn. Absolutely gorgeous rustic place and it will always be one of my favorite ceremony + getting ready location. After the ceremony, we headed to the Canmore Old Railway Bridge for bridal formal pictures. This was a perfect location for formal pictures with mountains at the back and greens on the side!

If you look at these wedding pictures, you’d be able to tell from Renee and Alex’s smile that these two are simply made for each other! It was so much fun capturing their love story… I know a lifetime of happiness is waiting for you two <3


Jehna and Austin are just magical together. Hell, it was impossible to miss it! The gentle way of how Austin pulled Jehna closer to him and Jehna’s eyes sparkled every time, was a dead giveaway. What makes the two of them even more special, is that they both have similar passion. Bodybuilding and fitness. Combine all these, and these two are the perfect match! I had so much fun covering this couple session in all!

Jehna and Austin, thanks again for working with me! You two are amazing <3


Where do I begin for this one!! I know Cassie for 3.5 years now. She took the awesome newborn pictures of my son and we have been in contact ever since. The couple session I did of Cassie and Dan couple years back is still one of my favorite session ever! When these two love birds welcomed their precious little one, I knew I should photograph their wonderful family. And oh boy! Isn’t Lincoln the cutest little guy? Full of energy and cuteness! This session was like a dream with gorgeous golden hour light, wonderful location and all the love in the air!

Thanks to Cassie and Dan for letting capture this precious family moments. I mentioned yesterday in one of my blog post that family session is my new favorites. And I can only emphasize to that statement after this session. Can’t wait to capture more family loves in the coming days.


Here are some pictures from Tammy and Nick’s engagement session. Aren’t these two just adorable? Funny story, I often tell a couple to whisper onto each other’s ear. This brings out some excellent moments to capture. Every time I did that with Tammy and Nick, Tammy was just laughing so hard! I asked Nick about what he was whispering? Nick said, “Cookie Monster!” Well, I think I myself laughed straight 5 minutes after hearing that lol. The rest of the session was just filled with such laughter, love and snuggling. I couldn’t be more happier about how the pictures turned out! I’m beyond excited to capture their 2018 edmonton wedding!


I met Christina and Andrew couple months back and I immediately saw the love between these two love birds! They were like made for each other and there was something special about this two. Gentle, kind and subtle yet full of energy! Covering their engagement session was a great experience because of their interesting and fun personality. Can’t wait to cover their wedding in the coming summer!

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