Family Photography




Where do I begin for this one!! I know Cassie for 3.5 years now. She took the awesome newborn pictures of my son and we have been in contact ever since. The couple session I did of Cassie and Dan couple years back is still one of my favorite session ever! When these two love birds welcomed their precious little one, I knew I should photograph their wonderful family. And oh boy! Isn’t Lincoln the cutest little guy? Full of energy and cuteness! This session was like a dream with gorgeous golden hour light, wonderful location and all the love in the air!

Thanks to Cassie and Dan for letting capture this precious family moments. I mentioned yesterday in one of my blog post that family session is my new favorites. And I can only emphasize to that statement after this session. Can’t wait to capture more family loves in the coming days.


I have been photographing weddings and engagements exclusively for last 3 years and have not photographed a single family session. Why? Because photography is my passion first and foremost. Yes, I get paid for it, but I would never continue doing something if I do not have a passion behind it. The emotion, love and laughter wedding and engagement pictures offer always drawn me into that. While family sessions to me was just “Look at the camera, say cheese, click” in the early days.


But I have probably grown a little during the last few years haha. When Oksana messaged me for a family session few weeks back, I told to myself that I will be capturing the emotion and love of this family. This was sort of like adventure to me and it truely made me thrilled. I photographed the session and I am IN LOVE with their pictures myself! It was a fun filled evening with lots of love and laughter. Exactly what I am passionate about! So here it is: family sessions are probably one of my most favs now! I’m kinda sad that I missed out on witnessing lots of love during last couple years. But I am looking forward to capture some awesome memories in the coming days. Thanks Oksana and Vova for letting me be part of such a wonderful evening! I truly enjoyed the capturing the love, affection, smile and energy of your family <3



Christine and Mary are two sisters who are two very kind and lovely human being! I usually do not photograph a lot of family sessions due to my busy wedding schedule. But when my friend Christine wanted to hire me, I knew I had to cover this session. I have known Christine for the past 3 years and she’s always been an incredible support for me. And she’s an awesome newborn, maternity and family photographer herself (Bezanson Photography). Whenever I needed any advice for my photography, I always messaged Christine and she was always there for me. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to her!


And they were so natural during the shoot together. It was just pure joy seeing two sisters talking, laughing, hugging and just being them self. Not going to lie, I was a little jealous of these two since I didn’t have a sister growing up! I’m so happy for these two and I pray that they will smile just like this all their life. I’m so thankful to be capturing these moments for them.


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