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Couple years back I was approach by a new professional photographers in Edmonton who asked me about being a mentor. I was honored at the request and since teaching is a second passion of mine, promptly began working with these talented individuals. Fast forward to the present; I am now offering a variety of mentor ship options for new photographers who are looking at taking their small businesses to a new level. Mentoring is available in person or by correspondence via e-mail/Google Hangouts/phone. Please e-mail for more information! Currently I am offering the following mentorship programs:


Portfolio & Website Review
A thorough online portfolio and website written review
As many questions as you would like to ask during a 2-hour Skype or phone chat


One-on-One 1-Day Mentorship on Photography Business
Up to 4 hours of mentorship on a selected day
Typical program begins with a discussion of your business plan and goals followed by an in depth portfolio review
Website and blog analysis with discussion on SEO and your presence on the web
Advertising techniques for small businesses
Any photography related questions will be answered during this session.
Discussion on posing, choosing the best light and client interactions
Editing critiques plus coaching on editing processes and workflow


Long-term Mentorship (Internship)
My long term mentorship program is more similar to internships than mentorship. The long-term mentorship program involves an aspiring photographer working with me and my associate photographer as a trainee photographer over a course of time until their goals are met.
The fee for the long-term mentorship program varies depending on the length and depth of the program. It also works on a quid pro quo basis: for every wedding and/or engagement session you shoot with me as a trainee, you are to shoot the same amount of sessions as an independent photographer upon completion of your goals in the mentorship program. Due to the incredible value that long-term mentorship offers, the quid pro quo agreement is carefully detailed in a joint agreement and contract and includes penalty fees for the agreement being terminated prematurely.

Still have questions about mentoring programs? Drop me a line here and let’s chat!

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