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FAQ About Engagement Photography

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I face everyday from the brides about wedding photography. Hope these helps! If you still have questions, feel free to drop me a line!


Q: What is an engagement session?

A: Engagement sessions have nothing to do with being engaged and everything to do with having fun. The purpose of an engagement session is to get all that awkwardness you feel when in front of a camera out of your system and start having fun. You will be the center of attention at your wedding and a camera taking photos of you throughout the day can be unnerving. Getting the jitters out before your wedding just guarantees you’ll be more comfortable during your wedding.

Q: When should I schedule this session?

A: Make sure to schedule your session at least 1.5 months before you need them. Photos have a one month turn around so you want as much time as you can afford to get your prints made for the wedding! Some people like to use them for their save-the-date so make sure you take them early enough!


Q: Where can we change clothes?

A: In your car. It saves the most time, so if you don’t feel comfortable with this, we can drive to the nearest changing area (although it will take time out of the session).


Q: What is the best time to take photos?

A: The 2 hours after sunrise and the 2 hours before sunset.


Q: How long does it take for prints?

A: If you wish to place print orders through me, there is a one month turn around.


Q: I want my photos outside of Edmonton, what are the fees?

For sessions outside of Edmonton, there will be a small flat travel feel. Please get in touch to get a travel fees quote.


Q: What should I wear?

For engagement sessions be cautious of what not to wear, such as striped dress/shirt. Small stripes usually appear as moiré in pictures! It’s good to keep color coordination in mind, but perfectly matching is not necessary. In fact, the photos will be more dynamic if you don’t exactly match.


Also, photos tend to turn out better the dressier you are. Details and accessories help tremendously such as hats, belts, necklaces, and heels. I LOVE heels. Although, whatever reflects you and your personality is always best!


Q: What should I bring?

A: If you want, you can bring an extra outfit to bring variety in the pictures. Props are also great if you have something that captures your personality or represents something special about your relationship. I am completely supportive of anything out of the ordinary. If you want to play baseball, fly kites, or have a food fight, I love it all!



If you recently got engaged and are looking for an experienced, professional and licensed wedding photographer to capture natural expressions, candid moments, laughter, joy and elegance of your wedding day; I’d love to photograph you in Alberta or anywhere in the world (Yes! I absolutely love to travel across Canada and destinations to photograph wonderful wedding stories.)! If you aren’t looking for an Edmonton Wedding Photographer or an Alberta Wedding Photographer, I also photograph families, lifestyle session and boudoirs! Want to discuss/know more? Drop me a line and let’s chat!

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